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3 Key Signs that you need a Business Coach

As a manager or leader, you might think you should have everything figured out already, but this simply isn't realistic. While all of us have our own talents, leadership skills are frequently something we have to learn along the way.

That’s when a business coach comes in. A business coach guides a manager or leader in order to help you develop the skills and resources you need in order to be even more successful.

Whether you're overwhelmed, in need of a confident, or want to see better results, below are 3 potential signs that you should seek out a business coach.

You Need a Confidant to Talk To

Who can you trust to speak to without feeling exposed, or impairing your credibility or reputation within the organisation or with your boss? How would it feel to have a safe sounding board for honest feedback on your ideas and a partner to support you in the process of design, implementation and evaluation? Time to hire a coach!

You Are Overwhelmed

A big sign that it's time for a business coach is when you get that overwhelmed feeling - there is too much to do and too few hours in the day, you don't feel like you have control of your business or your team. Time to hire a coach!

You Aren't Getting the Results You Want

We usually think we know the right steps to take in our career or to grow a business, but we come to find it just isn't working as we’d imagined. In order to get the results we want, we may need guidance from someone who can see things from a more objective view, without the politics or bias. A business coach with an outside perspective can challenge our assumptions and unhelpful mindsets so helping to remove obstacles that are preventing success! Time to hire a coach!

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