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Flourish Coach says.....How to create a Killer Linkedin Profile

There are undeniable benefits to networking with professionals on LinkedIn, but you’re not the only person who thinks so. Here’s how to compete with the other 12+ million UK people looking for opportunities.

Applying for roles that requires you to submit your CV doesn't end there - the recruiter is likely to search for your name online so it’s important to have a professional presence. LinkedIn profiles are becoming an increasingly popular way to advertise your skills online, and, with a competitive job market, it's important to stand out.

If the task of over hauling your LinkedIn profile seems too daunting, try setting aside 10 minutes a day to focus on revamping one section of your profile at a time? You’ll have a killer profile in no time.

So, how to create the perfect profile? We've compiled the top dos and don'ts when it comes to creating your LinkedIn profile.


ALWAYS add a profile picture. Without a photo, you’ll be 11 times less searchable than your competition.  People are less trusting of a profile without a photo.  But reserve the posing or pouting selfies for Instagram and Twitter. Make sure your profile picture is a simple, professional shot.

Be sure to also update your contact information and headline, perhaps customising your headline to include information about how you can help potential connections, rather than simply stating your position.


A few rules of thumb:

  • Make your summary keyword rich

  • Use the first-person as some people think 3rd person sounds pompous

  • Add some contact details like an email

  • Throw in some relevant media links


Perhaps the most obvious section you’ll want to keep updated is your experience section, since this is one of the first things employers will skim–it’s the closest thing you get to an online CV.  Make sure it tallies EXACTLY with your CV as recruiters get jumpy if there are even minor differences.

While you should certainly be descriptive, be careful about what keywords you choose to use. Steer clear of buzzwords like utilise, optimise, cutting-edge, team player – it sounds contrived.

You can also add media to each of your job experiences in this section or examples of your work (check with your employer that it’s OK to add in case of Intellectual Property rights)

Showcase the recommendations you’ve received for particular positions. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask your tutor, boss, mentor, colleague for a recommendation – you might want to offer to do the same in return.  


Adding achievements or projects to your profile can demonstrate experience relevant to your professional goals. Why not add links to show them off fully?


There are literally millions of Groups to join so you’ll have a handful of networking opportunities to choose from.  Join, engage with other's posts, add your own posts and make connections.  Show case just how much you know about your field of expertise.


Make connections with as many your fellow students, tutors, colleagues and even friends as much as you can to start your network.  After that build your network through engaging people via posts.  Literally, just click on the profile of the person you have interacted with and CONNECT.  Most are happy to connect as they too want to build their network.

If you physically network too, ie go to a presentation and meet real live people, take their business cards and connect that way too.

According to some LinkedIn surveys, status updates with links result in 45 percent higher engagement than updates without links, and updates receive higher engagement if you keep them short so don’t waffle on!

Show case your own articles and blogs.  Post content to LinkedIn that you think will help your followers become more successful professionals and you’ll be more likely to convert them into loyal viewers.

If you feel like you’ve accomplished something brag-worthy, now’s not the time for modesty.  Tell the world what you’ve done by adding some Honors & Awards or Volunteer and Causes in your profile.

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