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Free Flourish Framework

Are you or one of your friends or colleagues ....

Not sure about what direction to take in life?

At risk of redundancy, needing a career change, new to the world of work or just finishing at College?

Do you feel a little anxious about all the options available to you?

Or do you feel stuck in a rut?

The Flourish Framework helps you to overcome these difficulties through an e-learning booklet.This free module equates to approximately 2 hours coaching.

"I love the Flourish Module - it really made me think about what I stood for and what I want to achieve. I highly recommend it"

James, IT Consultant, Leeds

"I'd never really thought about my strengths, the Flourish Framework opened my eyes to what I really want out of life - and how to get it"

Yvette, Marketing Assistant, London

"I'd used the Framework to help me work with a colleague who had been really difficult at work. It helped open up a dialogue about what was and wasn't working for him, and me. Maybe we would have got there in the end without the Framework but the Framework gave me a structure and the confidence to deal with a really difficult situation"

Sanjay, MD, Manchester

Your journey on the Flourish Framework starts by understanding how your past effects your current life and what you can learn from that to set up a flourishing life.

This Stage helps you identify what is truly important to you, what motivates you and what inspires you. Quickly identify how you are currently spending your time and energy, how balanced your life is and plan a way forward.

Conduct a comprehensive review of your life to identify your achievements, strengths and areas for improvement. Discover the importance of your core values, how they effect your everyday life and how to actually use them to build for success.

Email for your free copy...what have you got to lose?

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