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The Art of the Deliberate Job Search

Happily, most of us don’t spend our lives in a constant search for our next role.

This is definitely a blessing as it is an extremely stressful activity, but our unfamiliarity with the process can potentially cause a surprising number of issues. We are not sure what to expect and we naturally ask others about their experiences. At the heart of many a story is the thread of how random job searches are – a case of right place, right time.

I am sure that we have all heard: “oh yes, I remember, I got a call from this headhunter and two weeks later I was offered the role.” Another common refrain: “I saw a job ad on Indeed and sent over my CV – they called me the next day.” Or this one: “I connected with someone on LinkedIn and they invited me for a coffee.”

So many successful job seekers consider that they were lucky to get the job.


May I suggest that you ban this harmful word from your mind?

If you consider luck an important part of a job search, you are relinquishing all control. A job search is a process, and, as with any process, you can make a multitude of conscious decisions which will influence its ultimate direction.

You have to decide on the right strategy for your situation. How long do you spend building your network before you start? What are the specific requirements of your new role? How much research have you done into the market? What do others think about your strengths and weaknesses? When are you going to introduce recruiters into the mix? What does your CV say about you?

All of these questions and many more will have a very specific impact on the eventual outcome. You can do many things to influence all of them – both in a negative and a positive way. It is up to you how your decisions impact the result. Luck plays a minor role.

One of the biggest problems that I come across when I am coaching a job seeker is the process seems so daunting that they don’t know where to start. They feel that all activity is beneficial activity and because they will see (some) results, they continue with this haphazard approach. This is not making the most of what is a golden opportunity to transform their future.

It is true that any job search can take an infinite number of directions, but if you break it into stages, it is more manageable. There is no set order of business, but if you look at activities such as building your network, writing your CV, researching the market and preparing for interview as stand-alone tasks, you will find it far easier to multi-task.

A job search can be likened to a juggling act, but a deliberate job search ensures that you have the right balls in the air at any one time. When your future is on the line, surely there is no other way of approaching it?

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