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Be Happy Now!

You can feel happiness this instant, IF you so choose.

When we talk of wanting to be happy, we are generally feeling sad or low.

Whatever feelings you are experiencing at this moment is dependent on your thoughts. So to be happy now requires you either to pay attention to something else or to perceive what you are paying attention to differently.

Most people forget these options and try to go straight into changing their mood by changing the chemical status of their body. Perhaps they will take drugs, or maybe they will eat some chocolate or drink a coffee.

If you want to change your mood instantly use this simple exercise.

Notice exactly what you are thinking about and paying attention to. If the feelings you have are not enjoyable, you are perhaps worrying about something, or feeling frustrated, angry or sad. Draw a box in the air in front of you. Visualise all the things that you do not want to be thinking about and put them in the box.

Next draw another box beside your first. Into this box, put all the things that you do want. For example, I want to feel calm, healthy, strong and happy now…

Now you have a clear choice of where to focus your attention between what you do want and what you don’t want.

If you continue to focus all your energy and attention on what you do want you’ll soon find yourself with all the energy, motivation you need and you’ll be happy now.

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